International Patients Service (IPS)

SEA Medical Health Clinic, offers the International Patients Service (IPS), designed to meet the needs and expectations of all international patients in a personalized and friendly manner and, is committed to making the visit of patients as comfortable as possible.

Specifically, IPS services include the following:

  • Scheduling Appointments And Coordination Of Medical Services
  • Coordination Of Stay And Charge Exemption Procedure
  • Keeping And Updating Medical Records
  • Providing Translators In Different Languages
  • Travel And Accommodation Arrangements
  • Assisting In Refund Procedures In The Country Of Origin
  • Management Of Insurance Company And Billing
  • Coordination Of The Communication Between The Patient, The Clinic And Any Third Parties
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Visa/amex Card Processing
  • Follow Up After Leaving The Clinic

Services Provided At The Premises Of The Clinic For Residents & International Patients:

  • Ambulance Transport
  • Free Private Parking
  • Poolside CafĂ© At The Clinic
  • Taxi Services
  • Bus Stop

Accommodation Services Provided Within The Clinic For Residents & International Patients

  • Private Short-Term Hospitalization Room
  • Free Wifi
  • Free Use Of An Ambulance
  • Detailed Pricing
  • Charge Exemption In Coopera Tion With Insurance Companies